New Lawyer. New Law Firm.




As a new lawyer hanging out her own shingle, our client was looking to establish her place in the market. She had the client skills and the legal knowledge, but passing the bar didn’t prepare her with the communications and strategy chops she needed to create and achieve a vision for her firm’s future.

The Company

Our client’s law firm wasn’t just another stuffy legal practice. She went to law school while maintaining a job in the tech industry. When she was diagnosed with cancer in her first year of school, she was left with questions about what would happen to her family and house along with all her other worries. That experience helped her realize that her passion was helping people address those same challenges, so she became a family business lawyer. Today, she is a trusted advisor helping business owners pass along not just their assets, but also their values and ideas.

The Challenge

When establishing her practice, our client needed help getting that message across to potential clients – and finding the clients who needed her specific set of services. Kayson stepped in and completed a market assessment that reviewed her competitors, what they were doing, what was working and what wasn’t. Based on that research we suggested a target customer base. We also helped her set her internal business goals and objectives. Working with Kayson helped our client set aside distractions and be strategic about where she invested her time as she got her business up and running.

The Strategy

We worked with our client directly to pull out her true objectives and mission. We then built a plan and delivered a report and marketing brief she could use to build out the rest of her business. Because we were able to work with the client directly, we did it quickly and without sucking up her valuable time.

The Results

Thanks to our work together, the client launched with a well-defined mission and clear direction. The client was able to keep her focus narrow, turning to Kayson for the support she needed and spending her time on what mattered most. The tagline, mission & vision created during the process is still in use today.

Make sure your business has a mission that works for you.