Strategy + Community = MORE

We. Are. Strategist.

What we do is solve problems and design things that create new opportunities, and then we build them.

We've been doing this for businesses, big and small, for over 10 years. We've designed processes, products, and services for Fortune 500 companies. Helped tech startups identify and enter new markets. Led universities through the implementation of new systems and the creation of new business models. Turned around entire companies by refining their existing offerings.

When we stop and reflect, we are amazed by how much our involvement has directly helped our clients, who, to date, have saved or made over $1 billion, and indirectly helped the millions of people around the world that they serve.

We do what we do because it gives us an opportunity to help people. Real people - grandparents, mothers, fathers, children, families and communities. It's the pursuit of positive change that motivates us and the endless list of things that need solving that gets us fired up, in a positive way. As a company, our entire reason for existence is to use our skills to help make things better - better businesses, better lives for the people who run them and better products and services for the people who depend on them.

We do this in a variety of ways today. We are sticklers for whom we accept as clients. We only work with individuals and businesses we believe in and who have positive intentions. We also do it through volunteer work and pro bono services, but about two years ago, we decided we wanted to do MORE.

We began by getting more involved in our local community and associating ourselves with the groups within the community dedicated to making positive changes—non-profits and community organizations—so we could understand their goals and objectives.

From there, we created a list of problems and challenges to be addressed. Then, at the beginning of this year, we selected one particular problem and one leading organization with which to partner to build a solution that would have a significant impact.

Tomorrow, almost three months after our last blog post, we're excited to share who and what that is.

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