The education services company

How we powered a system upgrade that saved the client millions

This company was at a tipping point: They had to choose between spending the money to maintain their current system or taking the jump and investing in a new one. They needed an outside expert to evaluate the issues and create a recommendation – without a lot of hand-holding from the internal team.

The Company

The business provided education services to adult and professional students. They needed a program plan that kept up with the technology instructors and students need to get the most out of instruction, research and class discussion. The program they had in place just wasn’t cutting it.

The Challenge

The executive team didn’t have time to solve this problem. They asked us to perform a feasibility study on implementing a new system. We managed the process of vetting all the options and creating a recommendation.

The Strategy

The feasibility study showed that the best move the company could make was to invest in a new system. We created a program plan we could put into motion right away. Because we had our hands in every part of the project, we were able to accelerate the project without taking up the client’s time. We gathered input from each executive, compiled a list of their opinions, and created a strategic plan that every team could execute.

The Results

As a result of our go-forward plan, the client saved over $1,000,000 on maintenance and project costs for the old system. Kayson handled the research, evaluation, execution and implementation which saved the client tens of thousands of dollars they would have spent coordinating separate consultants. Our efficiency saved the client time they definitely didn’t have, gave them a new program structure, a new system, and a strategic plan for every team.

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