industry leading technology company

How we helped an industry leader cover all the angles by validating their product plan

Customer Quote:
“Before Kayson, we thought we knew what we were doing. It’s a good thing we sought their expertise, because we were dead wrong – our plan would have cost us millions and wouldn’t have addressed our major concerns. Our company is still in existence because of Kayson’s help.”

Services: Feasibility study

This software company realized that if they didn’t make a change, they’d be out of business in three years. When Kayson came on, they were about to pursue the creation of a new product. We provided the insight they needed to realize their initial plans weren’t the way to go, saving the company millions and allowing them to set a new course.

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Education Services Company


Customer Quote:

“Easiest and most effective engagement I've been in to date. Kayson came in, evaluated our processes, met with our staff, surveyed our customers and then created a plan that my entire team was able to get behind.”

Services: Product Planning (Roadmap & Feature Backlog Creation)

This company was at a tipping point: They had to choose between spending the money to maintain their current system or taking the jump and investing in a new one. They needed an outside expert to evaluate the issues and create a recommendation – without a lot of hand-holding from the internal team.

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