where work and life co-exist.

Message from Founder & cEO

Amber Anderson

Amber Anderson

Welcome to the MORE movement, a community of people, companies, and organizations committed to providing more support to working families and caregivers.

My name is Amber Anderson and I am the CEO and Founder of Kayson and the driver for the initiative. 

Our Mission

It's simply. Give working parents and caregivers, especially women, MORE: more resources, more programs, more support, and more places for their work and family life to co-exist. And, we’re looking for partners.

Join Us

By joining the MORE movement, you will have an opportunity to give a community of working professionals, independent workers, and entrepreneurs access to resources, events, and programs created specifically to address their work and family balance concerns. You’ll also receive recognition as we market the effort nationally through our relationships with the media, cities, co-working spaces, accelerators, chambers, non-profit organizations, companies, and social media influencers in the community.

Outside of the "feel-good" aspects of joining the movement, you will see direct results. With work and family conflicts on the minds of 70% of Americans, having your organization at the forefront of a solution is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your members, employees, board, and community, which in return will result in more positive brand impressions, higher memberships and more customers.

Finding a work and family balance is hard regardless of where someone is on their journey. But, for working parents and caregivers, finding that balance alone can be daunting. Becoming a MORE partner gives you an opportunity to become a part of something more and, in return, see the benefits families with MORE can do for you.

At Kayson, we are committed to giving families more of what they need. We’re inviting you to join us by being a part of something great, something different, something needed, something MORE.


There are two ways you can join us.