A small business shift.

How we’re supporting a successful business SHIFT from surviving to achieving

The Company


This business had built up a strong, loyal clientele for their web design and branding business. They didn’t have a specific challenge in front of them, but they were constantly threatened by  new competitors.

The Challenge

The founders couldn’t focus on what was next because they were constantly looking in their metaphorical rearview mirror. Sure, they continued to land good clients, but they struggled to complete projects, took work that didn’t help them achieve their strategic goals, and as a result were too busy doing unfulfilling work that they were falling behind on industry developments.

The Strategy

Kayson offered the needed support to fill in that missing piece. We provide the business owner with ongoing insight on what’s going on in the market and what it means for the business, ideas for turning threats into opportunities and, when it’s a fit, we put those ideas into action.

We bring the client a report every month that includes data, news from competitors, technology advancements that affect the service offering, information on up-and-comers in the space and insight on what it all means. We also employ our red-flag warning system—we update the client immediately if there’s a threat on the horizon. Let’s say a competitor drops their prices or hires a ringer to head a new department. It’s our business to know and let our client know right away.

The Results

Working with Kayson allows the company to have internal discussions on a weekly basis. Before working with us, the client didn’t have a plan for addressing  that new competitor, or how to make the most of new trends in the market. Kayson provided the platform for those conversations and makes sure they happen.

As a result of working with Kayson, the small business reports a huge increase in peace of mind. Because Kayson makes sure they know everything that might be coming up behind them, the small business is now able to focus on forward-looking choices.

Let Kayson make sure you know what’s coming up behind you and what to do next.