A strategy, marketing and management agency.

At Kayson we help innovators, executives, business owners and venture capitalist see the big picture — so they stay in business longer and have a bigger impact. We help them anticipate what their customers will need next. We work with them to develop and update products and services that make sense for their business and for their customers. And we help them market and sell those products and services in a way that’s profitable.


Our team

Our Start


The concept for Kayson was established in 2012 after the CEO and co-founder Amber Anderson decided to leave her cushy corporate job for greener pastures.

A veteran entrepreneur, Amber led projects at companies including Apollo Group, Education 2020, and Clairvoyant before going solo, so she’s seen both the startup and the enterprise side of making businesses work.

With a background in business analysis, product management and growing successful companies, Amber started Kayson to bring her corporate expertise to the business world.

The reason behind it all for Amber? Her two favorite people, her husband Kai-Saun and her son Kayson (and yes, the company is named after him). 

To learn more about how we got started, check out our blog post

To Beginnings or connect with Amber directly on LinkedIn.

Now that you know about us, let us know a little about you. Send us a note at hi@bykayson.com.